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Decoding symptoms of a serious mental illness is not easy, especially when you are dealing with a family member or loved one.

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A wife's memoir recounts the story of her husband's struggle with mental illness and the impact it had on their family.

I am now a retired LMFT, although still licensed in IL. I volunteer for The National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI. We are advocates for the mentally ill and educate communities about mental illness. We desire humane treatment for the afflicted and offer support and education so people can lead healthy and productive lives. Early intervention, brief stabilization, medication and improved coordination of care would all be steps on this journey.

Mental illness has abeen a neglected public health issue far too long.  Incarceration, homelessness,  victimization and death have been the common outcomes for those suffering from a mental health disorder. It needs to change. Awareness of the scope and depth of the current problem is a starting point. Reduction of stigma is essential.

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