Yesterday I  was honored by NABE (National Association of Book Entrepreneurs) with an award for my book in the Memoir category. Since I was only a “wanna be author” in May, this was a pleasant surprise. My book came out in June, 2012.

  I want to encourage anyone who has ever  wanted to write  to follow your heart and hire good editors.  A good editor can make the difference!  I had two of them.  Nancy McCurry was my content editor and Rosa Cays was my copy editor. 

If you are a novice writer, you must prepare to be humbled.  I thought raising two children had humbled me enough.  But learning to be a writer  humbled me again!

And grandchildren do their part to keep you humble as well.  For example, one of my granddaughters (age  four)  asked me  as I put on my  make-up: “Nana, you’re just a little bit old, aren’t you?” I laughed.  Don’t let maturity get in the way of your writing!